Dirt and Stain Removal on a Microfiber Couch

  • Client: Residential Customer in Waimea
  • Info: Cleaning a "farmhouse" couch

Fabric Holds Dirt and Debris

All fiber material holds dirt and debris. The fiber holds onto it and the dirt and debris get ground in causing stains and an overall dirty look. The ground in dirt can also cause the furniture to give off an unpleasant odor. This eggshell blue couch was purchased to go in a farmhouse living space in Waimea. The couch was not only used by people, but also by cats, dogs and goats. A real “farm couch.”

This client had used Big Island Surface Care for successful projects in the past and knew we could clean the couch while we were there cleaning other furniture and carpet.

How We Removed All That Staining and Ground In Dirt

The dirt and stains on this couch were particularly tough because they weren’t just household dirt and dust. There was animal hair, body oil and sweat, plus other farm related dirt and debris mixed in. Not your average household grime.

We pre-treated the couch with a fine fabric pre-treat and cleaning spray, paying special attention to the worst stains and spots. We then used our truck-mounted high pressure warm water extraction system to finish the cleaning project. When we were done, we did some minor upholstery grooming, giving our client a beautiful, clean smelling couch for their farm living space.

Our Client Was Thrilled With The End Result

As a matter of fact, our clients were so happy with the end result, they decided NOT to recover the couch in a brown fabric.

If you find yourself with stains on your upholstered surfaces don’t panic. We can help! Most stains can be removed yourself with a little guidance. Check out our Carpet and Interior Textiles Care Guide for how to remove most stains, or reach out to us.

Got stains on your upholstered surfaces? CONTACT US or give us a call at (808) 889-0500.


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