Natural Stone Restoration - Big Island HI

Natural Stone Repair, Restoration, and Protection

We provide natural stone cleaning, repair, honing and polishing services for floors, countertops, showers, and other surfaces in residential and commercial properties throughout the Big Island. 

Do you have stone floors, countertops, showers or other surfaces that have become stained, damaged, or have lost their original luster?

At Big Island Surface Care we can resolve a host of problems and restore your stone to like new!

Our Services Include
  • Honing and polishing
  • Etch “water mark” removal
  • Refinishing – from a  polished to honed / satin finish or vice versa
  • Chip, crack, and break repair
  • Remove stains and mineral deposits
  • Lippage removal (leveling uneven tiles)
  • Stripping and cleaning unsightly build-up
  • Sealing to inhibit staining 
  • Color enhancing
  • Ongoing maintenance

Every Stone is Unique

Natural stone is sourced straight from the earth, which means each piece is totally unique. When it comes to stone repair and refinishing, you should only entrust your investment to an experienced stone restoration contractor who understands the distinctive characteristics of each type of natural stone. Big Island Surface Care specializes in natural stone care. We can resolve virtually any problem you encounter, from minor issues like fine scratches and dullness to bigger issues like cracks and deep scratches.

Polished Marble Floor
Marble and Limestone

Marble is classified as a metamorphic rock, which simply means that it started out as one kind of rock and through time, intense pressure and immense heat, it ended up as a  different kind of rock. In the case of marble, it starts out as limestone, which is a soft stone composed mostly of calcite. Under extreme heat and pressure conditions, the calcite crystals recrystallize and bond together, changing the texture of the stone. 

Marble is unsurpassed in its elegance and richness. But when it becomes dull, scratched, etched or otherwise damaged, that elegance is completely diminished. Fortunately, our marble restoration services make your marble look as good as new.

Onyx and Exotic Stones
Onyx and Exotic Stones

Onyx is a natural stone consisting of banded calcite. It is much more rare than other natural stones and is considered expensive. It is a softer stone so it can scratch rather easily. Onyx quarries can be found world-wide. Turkey, Iran, Mexico, Saudi Arabia and the United States are just some of the countries that host onyx quarries. 

While it can be used for larger projects such as countertops,  onyx is mostly used in floor tile, carvings and jewelry. Your onyx and exotic stone surfaces are in great hands with us. We understand the unique characteristics each one presents and how to resolve problems.

travertine floor and fireplace

Travertine is a type of limestone, but differs from other forms in that it is formed in hot springs called karst. The water movement in these karst erodes the travertine, creating holes in the stone.

Travertine, in its natural matte finish, is skid resistant and has a classy, antique appeal. If polished, it has the veined look of marble. When exposed to acidic substances, heavy traffic, or residual build-up of cleaners, travertine looks unsightly and outdated. We know travertine and can skillfully repair and restore it to its timeless beauty.

Granite Countertop

Granite is a very hard igneous rock that contains a lot of feldspar, quartz and other minerals. It is one of the three most common rocks on earth. Granite forms when magma cools and crystallizes before it makes its way to the earth’s surface. 

Granite is the most popular stone for countertops because of its sleek, glamorous appearance and durability. Stained, dull, or chipped granite has a lackluster appearance and may even be unsanitary. Big Island Surface Care gives new life to your granite.

Quartzite Countertop
Quartzite is a metamorphic rock, which simply means that it started out as one type of stone and over time the elements “morph” it into something different. In the case of quartzite, it starts as quartz sand (like on a beach). Then with heat and pressure it becomes sandstone. Then, with more heat and pressure, it becomes quartzite. Quartzite is usually light colored but some minerals can give it a blue or red hue.
Quartzite is a stone of choice for people who love the look of marble, but want something that is not as delicate. The appearance of quartzite can decline, however, with exposure to improper cleaning agents, improper application of coatings, or accidental damage.

Slate is a waterproof, stain-resistant natural stone preferred for its dark, earthy tones and classy, rustic texture. Slate can scratch or chip more easily than other natural stone. Heavy waxes, floor finishes, soap residue, and aggressive cleaning may cause slate floors to become unattractive. We specialize in restoring the desired finish and color to slate floors.

Engineered stone - quartz surface restoration
Quartz Surface

Quartz Surface, also knows as Engineered Stone, is a manufactured product. It is very durable but when it does become scratched or damaged it needs someone that is uniquely trained to restore it. Fortunately, we are trained and skilled to fix scratches and restore a good as new look.

Be sure to visit our Stone and Tile Care page for helpful tips for caring for your natural stone, and a free, downloadable Stone and Tile Care Guide.

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