Pet Stains Removed From Carpeting

  • Client: Residential Customer in Waikoloa Village, Waimea
  • Info: Cleaning a puppy mess

Carpets Are a Catch-all of All Sorts of Things

Carpets accumulate liquids, grime, and dirt over time, resulting in stubborn stains. Even with prompt spill cleanup, the gradual buildup of these residues signals the necessity for professional cleaning.

Consider a family that adopted a puppy. As is typical with young pets during potty training, accidents happened. About a year later, the family recognized the need for professional intervention to address the stains and odors left behind by the puppy.

This narrative leads us to a residential property in Waikoloa Village, Waimea, where our mission was to eliminate any evidence of the puppy’s earlier mishaps embedded in the carpet.

Our Cleaning and Deodorizing Process

After removing furniture from the room we applied a floral carpet deodorizer with a pH-balanced pre-spray to the problematic areas. This pre-treatment penetrated and efficiently loosened the stains and odors.

After the pre-treatment had enough time to do the job, we employed a high-heat hot water vacuum extractor to remove both the stains and odors from the carpet. Once dry, we promptly returned the furniture, leaving the family with a clean and revitalized carpet.

Our clients were thrilled with the outcome, relieved to avoid the cost and hassle of carpet replacement, as their carpet now looked and smelled fresh.


Got pet stains on your carpet? If you find yourself with stains on your carpeted surfaces, don’t panic. We can help! Most stains can be removed. Reach out to us to schedule a professional carpet cleaning. Use our CONTACT FORM or give us a call at (808) 889-0500.


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