Stain Removal on a Natural Sandstone Floor

  • Client: Private Residence in Champion Ridge in Mauna Lani Estates
  • Info: Stain Removal on Stone Patio

Stains Can be Removed on Natural Stone

Natural stone is porous. Because of this, staining agents that come in contact with the surface can penetrate below the surface and leave behind stains. In this case, we were called in to remove stains in Champion Ridge, a residential neighborhood of Mauna Lani Estates. The job was 2800 square feet and included both indoor and outdoor spaces. Inside spaces included the  living room, kitchen, halls, and bathrooms, while outside we did the pool deck, and koi pond entry areas.

How We Removed That Stain

This particular stain was in the living room on a sandstone floor. We used a 3 person team to remove all the furniture from the area, taking pictures so we could replace it all in the same way we found it.  Then we treated the stained area with a pre-treat stain remover. After the pre-treat was worked into the stain, we treated the rest of the floor with a stone cleaning solution. We then used our hot water extraction process  to remove all the solutions and dirt, being very careful not to get the cleaning solution or dirty water into the pools, ponds or fountains on the property. After  the whole floor was clean and dry, we applied a water based sealer to help protect this sandstone floor against future staining. After the sealer dried, we put the furniture back the way we found it.

Our Client Was Thrilled

They were immensely happy with the outcome and even went on to compliment us on a job well done and made mention of the pride we take in our service.

If you find yourself with stains on your natural stone surfaces don’t panic. We can help! Most stains can be removed yourself with a little guidance. Check out our Stain App for how to remove most stains, or reach out to us.

Got stains on your natural stone surfaces? We can help. CONTACT US or give us a call at (808) 889-0500.


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